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When Should You Have Your Locks Replaced

11/21/2016 Back To Blog

Ensuring that your home is always perfectly secure generally only requires that you have reliable locks fitted to your exterior doors, properly by a professional locksmith. Unfortunately, certain events may call for you to revaluate your home security by having old locks changed when they start to give you trouble. Since it isn’t always easy to know when you should have your locks changed, here are a few scenarios that definitely call for it.

You’ve just moved into a new house

When Should You Have Your Locks ReplacedOnce you’ve embraced the excitement of moving into a new home, you should take some time to think about its security. Do you know where every set of spare keys are? Does every lock have a key? And do you know who is walking around with the keys to your home in their pocket? These are all important questions which often evade the mind of new home-owners or renters. For this reason, it is best practice to ensure that all of your external locks are re-keyed as soon as possible, to ensure that only you and yours have access to your home.

You’ve lost your keys

It happens to the best of us. Losing your keys is easier than you think it is, and just about everyone has done it at some point. This may cause more than just an inconvenience however. A lost set of keys can also pose a serious security risk since you never know who may end up picking them up. So, when you have lost your keys, it is certainly wise to contact an emergency locksmith who can replace your locks for you to ensure that your home is properly protected.

You’ve just been burgled

If you have recently been burgled, you likely have at least one of two security issues to address. Firstly, finding any gaps where intruders have found easy access and securing them with locks should be a necessity with regards to maintaining your safety. Secondly, if any of your locks have been damaged during a break in, then you should find a locksmith who provides emergency burglary repairs on them to ensure that your house is safe.

That lock is just far too old

While your average lock may have an exceptionally long lifetime, they are by no means immortal. Over a long period of time, your locks may become difficult to operate, require you to jiggle the key or just down-right inoperable. When a lock (especially those on exterior doors) is compromised, it could be a security issue for your home. So, if any of yours are not operating as they should, be sure to have a locksmith install a new lock for you as soon as possible.

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