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UPVC Door Locks

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Even if you have a fancy burglar alarm, you still greatly rely on your UPVC door locks to stop thieves. That is why they should be kept in perfect operating condition at all times. If an issue occurs, it has to be resolved in the fastest possible way so your security will not be compromised. Below are the most common services we get to offer when it comes to UPVC locks and doors, and how we solve such issues.

UPVC Door Locks in United Kingdom

Lock Repairs

If it is difficult to turn the key in either direction, the issue is usually resolved with cleaning and lubrication. If there is an issue with any of the internal components, it is fixed or replaced. When you cannot insert the key, the condition of the cylinder is checked. If needed, it will be changed right away. When the key works normally, but the bolt does not, this is usually due to jamming. In the locking mechanism is damaged, the replacement of the entire lockset is usually the only solution.

UPVC Door Adjustment

Misalignment is typically due to malfunctioning hinges. They can be worn, damaged, loose or broken. If repair cannot help, these hardware components are replaced so that the door can be properly aligned. Less often, misalignment can occur due to a damaged panel or frame. Even serious damage such as denting and chipping can be fixed with the use of appropriate materials and tools. If the weather seals have caused the issue, they are simply replaced with new ones.

UPVC Lock Change

A new lock is required when the old one is damaged beyond repair or is too old to offer the required level of security. While rekeying can be a good temporary solution, it is best for the whole lockset to be replaced. The new lock will have bolts or hooks or both rather than a single mushroom or roller. The cylinder should be resistant to snapping as well as to picking. With accurate lock installation, you can expect optimal security.

Let us fix or replace any type of lock professionally and quickly. Our technicians at Locksmith Rainham are qualified to work even with the most advanced devices used at present. Rely on us for door adjustment and panel and frame repair as well.

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