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Our locksmiths are fast when people need break-in repairs

Get to know the right way in maintaining your locks and keys based from professional experience.

  • Ask what metal a lock is made of before buying it

    While it may have all kinds of fancy features for protection against burglar attacks, a lock won’t last long if it isn’t well-made. All high-quality locks from reputable brands are made of either brass or steel. Ideally, they should have a metal coating which keeps them safe from rust. Zinc and chrome are the most popular coating options.

  • When should I call a locksmith?

    You should call a locksmith when you need help with securing or gaining access to your home or office, change locks, replace keys, or any other time you need help with keys, safes of locks.

  • Secure Outside Structures in Your Place

    Outside structures such as garden sheds may contain things that you may use every day or that are important. These buildings are also prone to burglary, especially since they are not attached to the house and owners may not notice if there's a thief trying to gain entry. Have durable locks installed on them to better secure them.

  • Prevention is always better than cure

    When your door knob starts creaking, it’s best you seek the services of our world class locksmiths. A pre-emptive measure will save you tons of hassle when that knob, if remaining unchecked, later gets stuck. Our company experts in Locksmith Rainham conduct a regular maintenance check with your locksets.

  • Aesthetic and functional keys

    Keys with laser engraved bittings are harder to duplicate and better serve you in ensuring restricted access to your possessions. Some key bittings come in the form of unique carved out dimples; others come in the form of chiselled grooves. Such keys are helpful to secure the premise efficiently and are pleasing to the eye.

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