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We know your family’s safety is your first priority and you will never compromise on that.We at Locksmith Rainham make it possible for you. As experts and professionals in the locksmith market, we provide our services for Residential customers too. When it comes to home security and safety, our services can help you a lot because we offer professional advice and installation services as well as maintenance that covers lock repair and even emergency services.Residential Locksmith

Following are some services we offer to our customers

Professional consultation: Our services and help start from professional advice about your home safety and security. We advise our clients about the most suitable locks according to their specific needs and preferences.

Installation: We have a team of professional locksmiths who have extensive experience in this field.Those professionals are highly capable of installing modern digital and other kinds of locks for Residential use. Their professionalism not only allows them to install these locks and components perfectly, but it also ensures they do it without damaging doors and windows.

Repairs: Our services include maintenance and repairs of outdated, malfunctioning and broken locks. Our experts have experience dealing with these kinds of situations, and offer honest opinion about security locks and systems at the minimum possible cost to ensure your family’s safety.

Emergency services: We also offer emergency services to our clients so if you have locked yourself out of the house and you don’t have a spare key, call to use and we’ll be there to help you out. Gladly our services are available for 24/7 so don’t hesitate and call us anytime you need our services.

Others: Besides the services mentioned above, we also offer other services and repairs like extracting a broken key from the lock (that happens a lot).

As mentioned above, our experts not only have experience and expertise in this field, but they also know what they do and how to do it without damaging the windows and doors.It might seem easy but you need professional hands for this kind of work otherwise you’ll end up with a window or door with so many scratches.

We offer our services for anything that includes a lock like cabinets, drawers, safes and internal doors - feel free to call us anytime for any for your lock and key needs.

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