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How to Choose a Deadbolt

05/05/2015 Back To Blog

Among the different types of home door locks, deadbolts are considered to be the most secure. This is because it is impossible to open them without turning the cylinder with the use of the correct key. They are not connected to the handle or knob of the door. Learn how to select the ideal one out of the many different locking devices of this kind.How to Choose a Deadbolt

Options Comparison

Consider the main options - The single cylinder deadbolts can be locked only from the outside. The models with double cylinder enable locking and require unlocking from both sides. There are also models which are operated with a key on one side and with a turn piece on the other.

Decide on the right one for you - While the double door lock cylinder offers the highest level of security, you have to take into consideration the fact that you will have to use a key in order to get out of the door in case of an emergency. The models with turn piece fall in the middle when it comes to security and to safety as well.

Design and Features

Check the pin keying - Most deadbolts have a keying system with five pins. The ones with six pins, however, are harder to pick, according to the specialists of our locksmith company in Rainham.

Pay close attention to the bolt's size and design - It is best if the bolt extends at least one inch into the door jamb. Look for bolts which are equipped with a central pin that makes them resistant to saw cutting. If a saw touches the pin, it will spin and prevent the unlocking of the door.

Opt for a strike plate which offers a higher level of security - This type of plate is installed with the use of screws which are three inches long. In this way, it is secured not only to the door jamb, but to the wall as well. It is true that the deadbolt installation is more complex and time-consuming in this case, but going for this option is certainly worth it.

Make Evaluation

Find out what material the cylinder and plug are made from - It is best if they have solid brass make. In this way, the entire door lockset will have greater strength and durability. Watch out for models which have components made from zinc covered with brass.

Check the make of the strike plate too - It should be made from brass or strong steel. If it is made from steel, you have to confirm that the metal is properly protected from rusting.

Last, but not least, before you invest in a deadbolt and move onto lock change, you have to confirm that it comes from a reputable and reliable brand which offers a comprehensive warranty for the respective product.

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