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Locks and keys can fail or break at any time. The most important thing is to get a solution as quickly as possible.

Unlocking Car Doors

24 Hour Emergency LocksmithYou’ve left the key on the dashboard or it’s gone missing and you are stuck outside? With a safe and effective car door opening technique based on the vehicle’s type and design, you will be able to get back inside very quickly. If you cannot find the key, the ignition will require rekeying or changing so that no one else will be able to us it to drive your car. Along with the rekeyed or new ignition cylinder lock, you will get a new key. With accurate transponder key programming, you won’t have any trouble with unlocking your car and starting the engine.

Home Lock Rekey

If you have lost your key, the lock of your house or apartment will require rekeying immediately. This is crucial even if you are not locked out. Otherwise, someone may use the key to get into your property without any hassle. Rekeying involves changing the pins of the cylinder (the central part of the lock). This will eliminate the possibility of the old key being used. It simply won’t press the right pins. You will receive a new key which will fit the lock and work with it.

Key Replacement

It is not uncommon for keys to break. When this happens, they should be replaced right away. If the key’s broken inside the lock, the blade has to be extracted. The cylinder should be fixed, in case it’s been damaged during the breaking. You will also need a new key in case the old one is lost or greatly damaged. The ideal new key will have accurate peaks and valleys and fit and turn inside the lock effortlessly.

For lost and broken keys and damaged and malfunctioning locks, seek our 24/7 services to get a professional solution fast. Our team of mobile technicians will come to the rescue quickly and resolve the problem on the spot. At Locksmith Rainham we work with home, office and car locks and keys of all types.

If you need help, call us without delay. Check out our website to find out more about our services. 

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